James Lau

Quincy, MA, USA
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Don’t Overlook the Small Legal Details for Your Business Website

Suppose you’re a business owner with a website that has a chart listing your services versus competitors, perhaps purchasable items are available, written health advice from a blog post, or a fundraising form for money donations.

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Why Nonprofits Should Blog Often to Advocate for Change

When most people think of nonprofits, they think it’s an organization that generates money through donations. In reality, a nonprofit is another form of a small business. However, a nonprofit organization is usually mission-driven paired with a future outlook and vision for a community or society.

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Non-profit MVP Website Phase One Business Model

In the past, I’ve worked with multiple startups mainly as their production designer and web developer. I’ve seen the speed of marketing expediting the process of various methods for landing page designs. Utilizing different CTA colors, images, and message elements to invoke machine learning suggestions and decision-making. What may seem to be a good option from the machine’s perspective, wasn’t always what the end user’s clicked on. And this was back in 2015!

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