What is this?

The WP World is a visual directory of people in the WordPress community, created by Marcus Burnette. It was created for fun to give a glimpse into where people in our industry live and who might be in your area.

It came about after a hurricane hit my state of Florida in late September 2022 and I wanted to know who was in the path of the storm. I wanted to be able to check in with them afterward to see if they needed anything and I didn’t know who all might be affected.

Where is this information coming from?

The data for each “presser” is added manually to ensure proper privacy and data quality. Privacy and accuracy are important to me, so the list/map is curated by hand.

Name, Twitter handle, and location are derived only from public sources including Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress.org profiles. None of the information on this site comes from inside sources or non-public knowledge.

Some information may also come from people who have asked to be added themselves.

If your information is incorrect, please reach out and let me know so I can correct it!

What's happening with this information?

It’s reasonable to wonder what will happen with the information collected here. First and foremost, this data is not for sale. Though a few different ways are provided for people to contact you, the site intentionally does not collect any email addresses and will not be providing this information to any third-parties other than its inclusion on the site.

The purpose of this site is solely to get a visual view of our WordPress community and connect with each other online.

That being said, if you would like to be removed from the site — or have some information removed — see the section below for details.

Why am I not listed?

There are thousands of folks in the WordPress space and I’m but one person! I’m adding more people each week, but if you’d like to speed up the process of getting yourself added, you can add yourself here!

Can I please be removed from this site?

Of course! The intent here is to be a fun, inclusive place for everyone in the WordPress space to be listed. However, I don’t want to have anyone (or their data) listed on the site that doesn’t want to be – for any reason.

If you’d like yourself or some of your data to be removed from the site, please request to be removed here.