🇹🇼 WordCamp Taipei 2019

GIS NTU Convention Center, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan
December 28, 2019


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As reported by WordCamp Central


一年一度的 WordCamp 來囉!不論你是 WordPress 的新手、老手、設計師、工程師、部落客等等,今天十二月,歡迎所有喜歡 WordPress 的朋友們,大家一起來參與台北的 WordCamp Taipei 2019 盛會!

WordCamp 是個輕鬆休閒的非正式會議,世界各地喜歡 WordPress 的朋友們都會聚集在這裡,一起學習、交換意見、分享點子、吃喝玩樂!

去年十月,在台北舉辦了第一場的 WordCamp Taipei 2018,當天聚集了250 位參與者,包含贊助商、講師、志工與所有喜歡 WordPress 的朋友們。台灣各地每個月目前有許多的社群小聚,也有越來越多的朋友加入了 WordPress 的行列。

今年,我們計畫將在今年十二月,於台北舉辦 WordCamp Taipei 2019。計畫會有更豐富的議程、更多的交流機會、更歡樂的會後派對,希望能藉此活動,凝聚所有喜歡 WordPress 朋友們的心,鼓勵更多的朋友參與社群,彼此交流學習、認識新朋友、發現新契機,共創一個更美好的社群!

WordCamp Taipei 2019 is coming soon in December! We welcome everyone who is interested in WordPress to join this annual event. No matter whether you are a WordPress newbie, WordPress guru, web designer, developer or a blogger, you are sure to find a topic that will interest you.

WordCamp is a casual informal conference, where WordPress lovers from all over the world gather to learn, exchange knowledge and experience, share ideas and have fun together!

The first ever WordCamp Taipei was held in October 2018. There were around 250 people who attended this WordCamp, including sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and all the WordPress fans. More and more local meetups have since emerged in Taiwan, and new people continue to join the Taiwan WordPress community.

This year, we are pleased to announce that WordCamp Taipei 2019 will be held in December. We will have many talks on a wide variety of interesting topics, several interactive sessions, and will end the conference with a grand after-party. We hope that this event will unite the Taiwan WordPress community and encourage more people to join us. Together, we hope to share new ideas, learn from each other, meet new people, discover new opportunities to build a better WordPress community together here in Taiwan!