How is The WP World different from the WordPress Events page?

December 14, 2023

Good question!

The WordPress Events page was officially launched on Dec 13, 2023 (yes, on Taylor Swift’s 34th birthday). While it looks like a response to the event archive on The WP World — which launched in Summer 2023 — it really serves a quite different purpose.

Future vs Past Events

At The WP World, the goal is to list all WordCamps and other global WordPress-related events. This could be something like a WordPress Accessibility Day or WooSesh, for example, alongside local, regional, and flagship WordCamps.

In contrast, the WordPress Events page shows a list of all future events, including WordCamps, meetups, State of the Word events, and several others. It is a more comprehensive list of events, to be sure, but focuses on future events rather than any past ones.

Connecting Events to Pressers

With each of these past and future, larger events represented in The WP World, it allows Pressers to mark which ones they’ve attended, allowing for a rolling count and log of where people have been able to participate. It’s not only a fun way for Pressers to keep track of where they’ve been, but almost a bit of it’s own badge system, to see where folks have traveled to be part of a camp.

The WordPress Events page, however, does not connect any of the events to Pressers (or .org profiles), though it certainly could in the future.

All-in-all, I think that The WP World and the WordPress Events page are a great complement to each other, both serving their own unique purpose.