Ratings for All

December 13, 2023
Screenshot of rating results for WordCamp US 2023 with rows of items to rate and 5-star ratings


The WP World introduces a refreshing feature that further bridges the gap between event organizers and participants: the ability to rate WordPress events. This new functionality promises to enrich the WordPress community’s experience by offering invaluable insights into past events, all through the lens of those who experienced them firsthand.

Now, any past event listed on The WP World can be rated by logged-in users, allowing attendees, speakers, and organizers to share their unique perspectives. Whether you were soaking in knowledge as an attendee, captivating the audience as a speaker, or tirelessly working behind the scenes as an organizer, your insights are now just a few clicks away from contributing to a collective wisdom. The rating system is thoughtfully designed, with questions tailored to the specific roles, ensuring that feedback is both relevant and comprehensive.

What makes this feature stand out is its inclusivity and efficiency. Every logged-in user can leave a rating, choosing their type of experience for a more personalized feedback loop. The process is quick and straightforward, taking no more than 30 seconds to complete, yet the impact of these ratings can be profound. They offer a glimpse into the quality and effectiveness of WordPress events, serving as a guide for future participants and organizers alike.

Rating results are accessible to everyone, whether logged in or not, promoting transparency and shared knowledge within the community. This openness not only elevates the value of the feedback but also encourages a culture of continuous improvement among event organizers.