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Karin Berning

Wijchen, Netherlands

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Fun facts:

Karin's local community (50 miles):

Taco Verdo

Wijchen, Netherlands

0 miles away


Don Emanuelstraat 3, 6602 GX Wijchen, The Netherlands

1.2 miles away

Wilbert Schaapman

Wageningen, Nederland

11.4 miles away

Andy Meerwaldt

Gennep, Nederland

12.3 miles away

Jos Klever

Werkhoven, Nederland

26.1 miles away

Berry van Es

Houten, Utrecht, Netherlands

29.2 miles away

Koen Muurling

Baarn, Netherlands

34 miles away

Roel Veldhuizen

Vleutensevaart, Utrecht, Netherlands

34.5 miles away

Ronald van Weerd

Harderwijk, Netherlands

36.9 miles away

Yvette Sonneveld

Eemnes, Netherlands

36.9 miles away

Tom Hermans

Lommel, Belgium

44.6 miles away

Antal Hendrix van Spronsen

Carol Vogesgracht, Almere, Nederland

44.7 miles away

Johan van der Wijk

Muiden, Nederland

46 miles away

Anne Bovelett

M. Gladbach, Germany

51.8 miles away

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