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New York, NY, USA
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Boggie Yanishen

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Imtiaz Rayhan

New York, United States

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Jeffrey Marx

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Bud Kraus

Nutley, NJ, USA

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Winstina Hughes

Maplewood, NJ, USA

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Mike Auteri

Verona, NJ, USA

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Sally G.

New Jersey, United States

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Jason Lawton

Waldwick, NJ, USA

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Howard Spaeth

Wyckoff, NJ, USA

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H Grant Designs

Wyckoff, NJ, USA

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Danielle Zarcaro

Eatontown, NJ, USA

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Brian Messenlehner

Wall Township, NJ, USA

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Jeremy Selph

Lakewood, NJ, USA

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AI’s Dark Secret

Behind every freakishly algorithm is a group of often underpaid and overworked “digital serfs” busy labeling and reviewing the data streams that make the technology work. Expensify SmartScan for receipts? In 2017, someone discovered some of these receipts turned up on Mechanical Turk. Amazon announced last week that it’s shutting down its “Just Walk Out” […]

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In Search of . . .

My friend Rachel Tillman’s father worked on the Viking mission and she has devoted many hours collecting and archiving a large assortment of material related to the mission as the Founder and Executive Director of The Viking Mars Missions Education and Preservation Project. Now the explorers are asking for your help to try and locate […]

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I felt a slight rumble while standing at my desk today. No big deal, a very small earthquake, it felt like a subway was passing under our apartment. Only, we don’t have a subway under us. Tyler came in to say his girlfriend texted from the Lower East Side to say she felt it too. […]

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