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Ian Kennedy

New York, NY, USA

Fun facts:

Ian's local community (50 miles):

Steve Bruner

New York, NY, USA

0 miles away

James LePage

New York, NY, USA

0 miles away

Boggie Yanishen

New York, NY, USA

0 miles away

Imtiaz Rayhan

Brooklyn, NY, USA

4 miles away

Jeffrey Marx

E 81st St, New York, NY, USA

5.1 miles away

Bud Kraus

Nutley, NJ, USA

11.1 miles away

Laura Byrne

Montclair, NJ, USA

13.2 miles away

Winstina Hughes

Maplewood, NJ, USA

14 miles away

Mike Auteri

Verona, NJ, USA

14.7 miles away

Sally G.

Bergen County, NJ, USA

15.2 miles away

Jason Lawton

Waldwick, NJ, USA

21.4 miles away

Howard Spaeth

Wyckoff, NJ, USA

22.3 miles away

H Grant Designs

Wyckoff, NJ, USA

22.3 miles away

Danielle Zarcaro

Eatontown, NJ, USA

28.9 miles away

Brian Messenlehner

Wall Township, NJ, USA

36.9 miles away

Jeremy Selph

Lakewood, NJ, USA

44.9 miles away

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OpenAI has an App Store

OpenAI’s DevDay keynote had the look and feel of all Silicon Valley product announcements – a well-scripted parade of announcements, a couple live demos, and even a “one more thing” that is revealed with low-key fanfare but, by it’s placement at the end of the talk, signals to the world that this is the game-changer. […]

NYC – Water Logged

“This changing weather pattern is the result of climate change, and the sad reality is our climate is changing faster than our infrastructure can respond.” Rohit Aggarwala, Department of Environmental Protection Water streaming out between the tiles in the subway. Not too sure about the structural integrity of that column. Brooklyn got over 6 inches […]

239 Play & City Island

I’m always looking for excuses to explore a new neighborhood so when I read about 239 Play, also known as “Dan’s Parent’s House,” I knew I had to check it out and visit City Island. I took the ferry from 34th Street two stops to Ferry Point Park by Throgs Neck, just a 30 minute […]