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Ann Marie Gill

Duvall, WA, USA

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Fun facts:

Ann Marie's local community (50 miles):

David Ross

Brier, WA, USA

13.7 miles away

Cami MacNamara

Seattle, WA, USA

18.7 miles away

Oliver St. George

Seattle, WA, USA

18.7 miles away

Lisa Canini

Auburn, WA, USA

32.1 miles away

Bob Albert

Mount Vernon, WA, USA

49.6 miles away

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Moving subscribers away from Feedburner and into Mailchimp (UPDATED GUIDE 2021)

Click here if you would rather download and print this guide (however, there will be links to videos in the guide)   If you are a Feedburner user you probably have heard the news that Google is placing Feedburner into “maintenance mode” starting sometime July 2021.  What the heck does “maintenance mode” mean?  You may […]

Scams and Spam to be aware of when you own a website

After managing several websites over the years, you start to find patterns from scammers.  Usually, my clients reach out to me to check if what they find or receiving is legit and many times it is a repeated scam I see happen with other site owners.  It is good to be aware of these scams […]

How to set up your website to sell your favorite products on Amazon

I’ve had more and more clients ask me lately the best way to recommend their favorite Amazon products on their website.  Amazon used to allow you to set up a mini store of products that could be embedded into a website, but that has been replaced with Amazon Associates, their affiliate program. How to start an […]

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