New Profile, New Profile Picture

November 26, 2023

Exciting news for all Pressers! The WP World is rolling out a fresh feature that puts you in the driver’s seat of personalizing your profile. Say hello to the ability to upload your own profile picture, a simple yet significant leap towards making your digital identity more you.

Screenshot of the upload area in your Presser settings where you can upload a new profile photo

Until now, your profile on The WP World automatically displayed your photo from your profile or Gravatar. While these platforms offer a seamless way to maintain a consistent identity across the WordPress ecosystem, we understand that individuality and the freedom to choose how you present yourself online are paramount. Whether you’re looking to update your professional image, share a snapshot of your latest adventure, or simply prefer a more current photo, you now have the power to do so directly on your Presser profile.

Here’s how it works: Log into your account, head over to your profile settings, and you’ll find the option to upload a new picture. Select the photo that best represents you, upload it, and voilà – your profile will now showcase this image across The WP World, allowing you to stand out and shine in the community.

This update is more than just about aesthetics; it’s about giving you control and flexibility over how you’re perceived in this vibrant community. It’s a nod to the individuality that each member brings to the table, making our collective tapestry richer and more diverse.

So, dive in, select that picture which says “this is me,” and update your profile today. Let your profile picture be a reflection of your unique identity, and continue to engage, share, and connect with fellow WordPress enthusiasts around the globe.