New Feature: User Accounts!

November 1, 2023

“What do you mean new feature?” you might be asking. Well, here’s what happened…

When I started The WP World, I wanted to create a directory of WordPress folks in a way that created the most trust. Let’s be honest, sharing where you live — even when it’s just at the city level — can be a point of hesitation. So, I created a custom post type and some fields and called that the directory. Presser profiles in The WP World are a custom post type, not user profiles. I didn’t collect email addresses, I didn’t create user accounts, and I kept the information gathering to a minimum.

As the site began to grow, though — and a certain level of trust has been earned — I realized that having email addresses and user accounts would allow me to do some things that I couldn’t quite do without them. Some of that is additional features, some of that is just long-term scaling issues.

In mid-October, I added an email address field to the sign-up page and made it optional, just to test how likely it would be for someone to provide an email address. You know what the results were? Every single person who signed up from that point on provided their email address!

Where things are now

So, if you added yourself as a Presser before October 28, 2023, you’ll need to go back to your Presser profile and claim your listing.

Screenshot of a Presser profile that shows the "Claim this profile" button

If you go to your profile and don’t see this button, you’re good to go — you already claimed your profile! It might also mean that you added yourself after October 28, where that process was updated to create the account automatically.

Why you need an account

If you haven’t yet claimed your profile, please consider doing so. With a user account on The WP World, you can currently:

  • Edit your own Presser profile information
  • Mark yourself as “Looking for Work”
  • Track all the WordCamps you’ve attended
  • Submit feature requests for the site
  • View all your Shop orders

Find your profile to claim it today or log in here.