From Directory to (Lightweight) CRM

April 8, 2024

Update (4/12): If you would like to disallow folks from leaving notes on your profile for themselves, you can do so in your profile settings. More info at the bottom of this article.

Today, I’m excited to share with you a fresh feature that just rolled out on The WP World – Presser Notes! Imagine turning this information-dense directory into a lightweight CRM where you can jot down your thoughts, reminders, or any tidbit about the Pressers you come across. Let’s dive into what this new feature offers and why I think it’s going to make your The WP World experience even more personal and useful.

Introducing Presser Notes

I’ve always strived to improve and add features that genuinely make a difference in your interaction with The WP World. In that spirit, I’ve launched Presser Notes in its early stages because, well, “done is better than perfect.” This feature allows you to add private notes to Pressers within the site, enhancing how you remember or plan your interactions with the vast WordPress community.

Key Features of Presser Notes:

  • Privacy at Its Core: Your notes are private, visible only to you when you’re logged in. They are tied to your user account, not the Presser post type, ensuring that your notes stay personal and confidential.
  • Simple and Straightforward: You can add notes using plain text and emojis to capture your thoughts in a fun and easy way. Currently, it is intentionally simple and without formatting tools, focusing on the essence of note-taking.
  • Effortless Saving: Use the Ctrl or Cmd +S keyboard shortcuts to save your notes at any time while typing. This handy shortcut ensures that not a single thought gets lost in the shuffle.
  • Future Enhancements: I’m already thinking about more UI improvements to help you better track which Pressers you’ve left notes for. Whether it’s through the Presser list or directly within your user dashboard, staying organized will be a breeze.

Some Quick Guidelines

Presser Notes are a great way for you to give yourself a few extra reminders about your fellow WordPress friends. In the interest of keeping everyone safe, however, there are a few guidelines to follow.

Do NOT save:

  • Anything that may pose a threat to the person or their family (Ex: social security number, home address, names of children under 18, children’s school, etc.)
  • Any passwords or credit card details.
  • Any information about illegal activities.

DO save:

  • Where you first met
  • Their favorite food, restaurant, or band
  • Name of their pet
  • URL to an important social post they made
  • Collaboration opportunity you discussed at WordCamp

Remember, these notes are for your eyes only, but we still want to keep things kind and respectful!

Why Presser Notes Matter

The WP World is more than just a directory; it’s a community. With Presser Notes, it’s adding another layer to how we can connect, remember, and engage with each other. Whether it’s jotting down a reminder to collaborate on a project, leaving impressions from a recent WordPress event, or noting someone’s expertise for future reference, Presser Notes are here to enrich your networking within the WordPress ecosystem.

Disallowing Presser Notes

There are a few reasons why you might not want folks to add more information about you (or your interactions together) on the site. That’s totally fine! You can disallow Presser Notes for your Presser profile.

Screenshot of the settings area where there is a checkbox to Disallow Presser Notes.

Once logged in, head over to edit your Presser profile and you’ll see a checkbox to “Disallow Presser Notes”. This will not turn off notes for you or other, rather keep anyone from adding notes to your profile. These notes are only for their eyes, but you have the right to disallow them.

Your Feedback Is Gold

Remember, since this is an early rollout, your feedback is incredibly valuable. Encountering any quirks or have suggestions for improvement? I’m all ears! This feature is for you, and its evolution will be guided by your insights and experience.

Embrace the New

I encourage you to dive in and start utilizing Presser Notes today. It’s a small step towards making your interactions on The WP World more meaningful and personalized. And keep an eye out for those UI updates – they’re coming to make your note-taking and Presser-tracking even more seamless.

Here’s to making every note count! 📝✨