Do You Know What the (Local) Time Is?

March 7, 2024

Today, I’m excited to share a delightful new feature that’s rolling out on The WP World: Local Time on Presser Profiles. It’s a simple yet significant addition that I believe will make it easier to connect, collaborate, and communicate across different time zones.

Why Local Time Matters

The WP World is a global community, with Pressers located in every part of the world. While this diversity is a great strength, it also presents a challenge: time zones. Knowing the local time of another Presser can be incredibly helpful, whether you’re planning a collaborative project, scheduling a meeting, or simply want to send a message without disturbing them in the middle of the night.

How It Works

To make this possible, I’ve harnessed the power of the Google Maps API to accurately determine the timezone based on the location you provided in your Presser profile. Then, using Moment.js, the correct local time is displayed in an easy-to-read AM/PM format right on your profile.

Day and Night, At a Glance

For an even quicker understanding of whether it’s day or night for the Presser you’re viewing, I’ve included intuitive sun and moon icons. You’ll see a friendly sun icon for times between 6 AM and 6 PM, and a serene moon icon for times between 6 PM and 6 AM. This visual cue helps you instantly recognize if it might be a good or bad time to reach out.

Behind the Scenes

Implementing this feature was an exciting journey into leveraging powerful web technologies. The Google Maps API plays a crucial role in identifying the precise timezone, ensuring that the local time displayed is as accurate as possible. With that value stored with the Presser profile for future use, Moment.js then steps in to convert this information into the familiar time format, adding those thoughtful touches of the sun and moon icons for daytime and nighttime recognition.

Embracing Connection

This update is more than just a technical enhancement; it’s a reflection of the commitment to making The WP World a more connected, accessible, and considerate platform for all Pressers. By providing you with more context about your fellow community members, hopefully it will foster stronger connections and more meaningful interactions within our vibrant global community.

I’m genuinely excited for this new feature. Together, let’s continue to make The WP World a welcoming and connected space for WordPress enthusiasts worldwide.