Connecting Communities

December 13, 2023

In the ever-changing landscape of the WordPress ecosystem, a sense of community has always been a fundamental pillar, driving collaboration, innovation, and support among its members. The WP World is thrilled to announce an exciting new feature designed to further unite WordPress enthusiasts across various sub-communities. This feature allows Pressers to proudly showcase their affiliations with other notable WordPress-focused communities.

The communities show at the top of your Presser profile!

Bridging the Gap

The WordPress community is vast and diverse, comprising individuals and groups dedicated to various aspects of this powerful content management system—from developers and designers to bloggers, business owners, and more. Among these are several key communities that have become essential spaces for collaboration, learning, and networking. Recognizing the importance of these groups, The WP World now enables its users to mark their participation in communities such as:

  • Make WordPress Slack: A central hub for WordPress core development discussions, contributing to the project, and coordinating efforts across the ecosystem.
  • Post Status Slack: A gathering place for WordPress professionals to discuss industry news, trends, and business strategies.
  • The WP Minute Slack: A community for WordPress news enthusiasts who enjoy staying updated with the latest happenings in a concise format.
  • BlackPress Slack: A supportive space dedicated to amplifying the voices and work of Black WordPress community members.
  • WooCommerce Community Slack: The go-to spot for users and developers of WooCommerce, offering support, discussions on e-commerce trends, and more.
  • HeroPress Slack: A platform celebrating the heroes of WordPress through stories of success, challenge, and growth within the community.
  • Big Orange Heart Slack: A community focused on promoting well-being and mental health within the WordPress ecosystem.
  • WP Watercooler Discord: A lively server for WordPress discussions, offering a more real-time engagement experience.

Empowering Connections

This new feature is not just a list; it’s a bridge connecting the myriad of WordPress-related communities, enabling Pressers to discover shared interests, collaborate on projects, and foster deeper connections. By displaying membership in these communities on their profiles, Pressers can highlight their active roles in the broader ecosystem, making it easier for others to find like-minded individuals, seek advice, and share experiences.

How It Works

Adding your community affiliations is straightforward. Simply log into your Presser profile, navigate to the new section dedicated to community involvement, and select the communities you’re a part of from the provided list. If you’re active in a community not listed, The WP World encourages feedback and suggestions to make this feature as inclusive and representative as possible.

Join the Movement

Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress contributor or new to the platform, marking the communities you’re part of on The WP World is a powerful way to connect, share, and grow together. This feature is a testament to the platform’s dedication to bringing the WordPress community closer, one profile at a time. Together, we can achieve more, learn from each other, and continue to drive the WordPress project forward.