Community-Driven WordPress Hosting Recommendations

February 16, 2024

At The WP World, I’m thrilled to unveil a new initiative: a WordPress recommended hosting page, crafted with transparency and community input at its core. This project springs from a desire to offer an alternative to the official hosting page, which has lacked clear and open criteria for its listings and rankings.

The new hosting recommendation page is not just another list. It’s a platform where every host that meets the straightforward yet essential criteria gets a chance to be featured. These criteria ensure that only quality hosts are listed:

  • Must offer WordPress hosting: An obvious but crucial requirement.
  • Must meet WordPress’s technical requirements: Ensuring compatibility and performance.
  • Must be listed on the Five for the Future (5FTF) pledges page: Highlighting those who contribute back to the WordPress community.
  • Must maintain GPL compliance: A foundational principle of the WordPress ecosystem.

What sets this page apart is its community-driven approach to ranking. The order of hosting recommendations is determined by ratings from the site’s users. To participate in rating, sign up and log into The WP World, so you can shape the hosting landscape directly.

The inception of this page was guided by two significant community contributions: the scoring matrix proposed by Courtney Robertson and the Project Bedrock initiative by members of the Make WordPress Hosting team. These documents have been instrumental in shaping the criteria and approach, blending objective standards with community feedback to ensure a balanced and informative resource.

The goal is more than just creating another hosting list. I aim to offer both objective and subjective insights, enabling users to make informed decisions when choosing a host for their WordPress site. More profoundly, I want to inspire the official WordPress hosting page towards greater transparency. The ultimate goal is for this page to serve as a catalyst for change, at which point I will happily redirect these efforts to support the official recommendations.

The response from hosting providers has been overwhelmingly positive, a testament to the community’s readiness for a more transparent and inclusive approach to hosting recommendations.

In closing, I invite you to explore the new WordPress hosting recommendation page. Your feedback, ratings, and participation are not just welcome—they’re essential. Together, we can build a more transparent, community-focused WordPress ecosystem.