New Privacy Features: Customize Your Site and Event Visibility

February 25, 2024

In an ongoing effort to make The WP World a more personalized and comfortable space for all Pressers, I’m thrilled to share some updates that give you more control over your profile visibility. I understand the importance of privacy and the desire to tailor what the world sees about you. That’s why I’ve introduced two new features focused on enhancing your ability to manage the visibility of your “Latest Posts” and events on your Presser profile.

Hide Your “Latest Posts”

I know that many of you are proud of your websites and blogs and want them to be easily accessible to the community. However, not everyone wants their latest blog posts to be visible on their Presser profile. Whether it’s because the content is under revision, or perhaps you’re pivoting your blog’s theme, you now have the flexibility to link to your website without displaying your latest posts.

With the new profile setting, you can choose to hide the “Latest Posts” section. This means your website can still be linked and accessible from your profile, but your posts remain private. It’s a simple adjustment in your profile settings that can make a big difference in how you present your online persona.

Screenshot GIF showing the toggle option in the profile settings to hide the "Latest Posts" section.

Control Event Visibility

Similarly, I’ve heard from some of you that while tracking your event attendance through The WP World is a valuable feature, not everyone wants to broadcast every event they’ve been to. Whether for privacy reasons or just to highlight certain achievements, you now have the option to hide all events from your public profile. Alternatively, you can choose to display only the events where you’ve played a significant role, such as speaking, organizing, or volunteering.

This new setting empowers you to manage your event visibility according to your preferences. Keep your event history private, or showcase your contributions to the WordPress community—the choice is yours!

Static screenshot showing the event visibility options in the account settings area.

I hope these updates make your experience on The WP World even better. Your feedback is incredibly valuable, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on these new features or suggest additional improvements. After all, this platform is all about fostering a supportive and connected WordPress community.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, happy Pressing!