SlickRemix, owned by two brothers named Justin and Spencer, developed the WordPress plugin Feed Them Social. The plugin was created in response to clients’ requests for the ability to showcase social media posts on their websites. It shifted SlickRemix’s focus from building and maintaining websites to catering to users who want to showcase and promote their social media posts. For over a decade now, they have spent endless hours supporting and maintaining this plugin. Despite the challenges posed by privacy and API changes from social media companies, they remain dedicated to keeping it up-to-date and the UI styled to the tee. With Feed Them Social, you can easily create and display customizable social feeds for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. In addition, the feeds are responsive on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Installing and maintaining separate plugins is unnecessary when using our all-in-one plugin too.

In recent months they have shifted from the basic shortcode creation to a fully re-factored plugin that allows you to choose and save options for an unlimited amount of social feeds. Now with a simple click, you can retrieve an access token, set a few options and have your feed up and running in minutes.