Glocal Dinner Meetup at WordCamp Asia

English is also available, and Chinese is not a problem. WordPress is our common language.

Welcome to all WordCamp Asia 2024 attendees including locals & non-Chinese speakers.

  1. Share your imagination of an awesome meetup
    Non-Chinese native speakers who live in or visit Taiwan for WC Asia 2024, are interested in sharing or hearing about how kind of an in-person meetup you would like.
  2. Meet Local WordPress Enthusiast
    Non-Chinese native speakers who live in or visit Taiwan for WC Asia 2024, are looking for an activity that is highly related to WordPress, WordCamp, or Meetup for any field. And, it’s a good idea to interact with local attendees at WCAsia 2024 in Taiwan – A foreign country to you.

★ Dress Code:
It would be fantastic if you have and are happy to wear your WordCamp Asia 2024 badge. Wearing your badge will also expedite your seating process with the clerks.

📢 Topics

  • How D’ya Like the Meetups Nearby You? by All of you — est. 30mins
  • Lightning Talks & Self-Introductions – est. 5~15mins/person
  • Extended Discussions


  • Min of 250 NTD per person. Limited to 40 attendees. Thanks to our sponsors for the 2F Exclusive Package & snacks.
  • Open Sesame – “WordPress Meetup” for access to 2F. Wearing a badge of WordCamp Asia 2024 is helpful for quick access.
  • Package features: Projection equipment, water, Wi-Fi, and limited power outlets. If available, encourage you to bring your extension cords and eco-friendly cups/pots.
  • Laptop connections use HDMI cables; kindly bring your adapters if needed. We support Zoom & Google Meet for screen sharing as an alternative solution.



Barista coffee shop WTO, Section 5th, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Date & Time

03/08/2024 6:00 pm