Youssef Bouhlal

Agadir, Souss-Massa, Morocco

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Leveraging WooCommerce Mailer to Send Emails

WooCommerce, being extensible by design, provides a robust email system, known as WooCommerce Mailer. This system allows you to send various types of emails, including transactional ones like order receipts, shipping notifications, and customer account updates. 1. Sending Emails Using WooCommerce Mailer Sending emails using WooCommerce Mailer is remarkably straightforward. With just a few lines […]

Customizing WooCommerce Orders: Adding Custom Statuses

WooCommerce provides a robust framework for managing orders. However, sometimes the default order statuses might not fully align with your business processes. In such cases, adding custom statuses can be incredibly useful. Whether you want to distinguish between different stages of fulfillment or have unique statuses for specific types of orders, WooCommerce allows you to […]

WooCommerce Payment Method Integration for the Checkout Block

In WooCommerce version 8.3 and beyond, the Checkout Blocks have become the standard for new installations, revolutionizing the user experience. If your extension integrates with a payment gateway, adapting to the block-based checkout is crucial. In this article, I will guide you through the process of seamlessly integrating and supporting Checkout Blocks for your payment […]

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