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Choctaw Websites Wins Business of the Year for District 12

Choctaw Websites was awarded “Business of the Year” for District 12. The Choctaw Nation has twelve (12) administrative divisions, each with its own tribal councilman. District 12 covers the northeast portion of the Choctaw Nation, including the cities of Coalgate, Allen, and Canadian.

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Why the Cobbler’s Children Need Shoes

There’s an old saying that applies to most small business owners. The cobbler’s children have no shoes. My father was a cobbler and this was one of his favorite phrases. It means that the person … Read more…

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Feeling Overwhelmed Managing Your Own Website? Here’s What a Marketing Company Can Do

Let’s face it, running a business as a tradesman is tough. You wear a million hats – the skilled craftsman, the estimator, the scheduler, and sometimes even the accountant. It’s no wonder you might feel overwhelmed trying to stay in business.

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