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AI Muse: WordPress AI Plugin

With over 100+ AI models from industry-leading providers like OpenAI, Google AI, Mistral AI, Meta AI, and Anthropic, this tool is your ultimate content creation sidekick. AI Muse Plugin Features AI Muse Abilities

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Meta Field Block, Query Loop post_id Shortcode Fix, Dynamic Tags

I just found a nice Block Editor plugin in the git issues that adds lots of developer-friendly toolsets and fixes the age-old problem with the block editor shortcode post_id problem. Problem: In the Query Loop Block when you use a shortcode that depends on the current post_id it won’t work. Because the shortcodes are not […]

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Bricks Builder is Fundamentally More Optimized

Most people don’t know Bricks Builder is a theme, not a plugin. Unlike popular builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and GeneratePress, Bricks Builder operates on a different principle. Bricks Builder: A Theme, Not Just a Plugin First off, Bricks Builder is a theme, not a plugin. This distinction is crucial. While plugins like Elementor […]

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