Ryan Waterbury

Bloomington, MN, USA

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Dave Swift

Eden Prairie, MN, USA

8.5 miles away

Mike Demo

Minnesota, United States

9.6 miles away

Nick Diego

Minneapolis, MN, USA

9.6 miles away

Eric Schmid

Minneapolis, MN, USA

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Travis Totz

Minnesota, United States

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5 ways to market your business if you don’t like blogging

It’s that time again when I’m sitting down to write our blog. It’s something that hasn’t happened consistently over the past two years. It’s not that the idea list is empty. In fact, it’s full, and content has been planned for at least 13 months on a one article per month schedule.  So why hasn’t…

Tips to Improve WordPress Sites for Google Core Web Vitals

First of all, what are Core Web Vitals? Core Web Vitals, or CWV are a set of criteria that Google has developed to help website owners and developers improve their sites for their end users.  Many of us lament about Google. For a lot of reasons. Privacy invasions. Changing search algorithms that result in our…

What is the difference between a brand and a logo?

“I just need a logo and a website.” The dreaded words we hear as web designers, graphic designers and branding professionals. Of course any business, organization or political candidate needs those things. So why all the fuss? A logo and a website are also the last items in the process of defining your brand that…

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