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Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
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WordPress Rewrite Rules – Pain Free Permalinks with Upstatement/routes

Looking for the solution? Jump straight to Upstatement/routes! The Evolution of WordPress Rewrite Rules & Permalinks WordPress has grown a lot since its creation in 2003. Starting out as a simple blogging platform, it rapidly grew into the incredible software platform we know today. Originally, WordPress’ permalink structure was rooted in the idea of categories, […]

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How To Build A Reactive, Responsive Blog Application With Laravel & Livewire

Livewire is a framework for Laravel which takes the pain out of creating highly responsive & dynamic front-end UIs. Usually, you’d need to install a reactive framework like React, Vue or AlpineJS to get highly interactive front-end functionality. But with Livewire, all of that is handled for you without needing to step out from the […]

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The Bun JavaScript Runtime Has Landed. Is It Really Better Than Node.js?
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