Michele Bugiolacchio

Recanati, Marche, Italy
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Michele's local community (50 miles):

Margherita Pelonara

Santa Maria Nuova, Marche, Italy

13.7 miles away

Marco Chiesi

Giulianova, Abruzzo, Italy

49.6 miles away

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It’s so new it makes me want to renew a new new

I’ve been wanting to play with design bits for a long while now, thanks in major part to the great design course by Jack McDade but I did not have the time to do any of it, and ideas kept being added in the backlog. I probably used the course to learn all the wrong […]

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A new beginning (or new new)

A Paragraph-long Preamble The past is the road I’ve traveled to get, and a reboot should never delete that. Regardless of whether one wants to change their path, or does not like the road so far, all the more reason not to just remove it.I’ve seen way too many approaches that want to ensure a […]

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It’s not for everyone.

For the past couple of years, people have somehow convinced themselves that anything should be for everyone, and specifically, for them. From content being distorted to appeal to everyone and made so by inadequate social activists following a social agenda rather than producing art (subpar directors and producers for movies, tv shows, videogames), to groups, […]

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