Michele Bugiolacchio

Recanati, Province of Macerata, Italy

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Michele's local community (50 miles):

Margherita Pelonara

Santa Maria Nuova, AN, Italia

13.7 miles away

Marco Chiesi

Giulianova, TE, Italia

49.6 miles away

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It’s not for everyone.

For the past couple of years, people have somehow convinced themselves that anything should be for everyone, and specifically, for them. From content being distorted to appeal to everyone and made so by inadequate social activists following a social agenda rather than producing art (subpar directors and producers for movies, tv shows, videogames), to groups, […]

The fictitious importance of Locality

The age of locality is not over yet, and that is an extremely sad realization. Back when it did not matter I’ve been a nerd on the web since late ’90s, and back then you’d join an IRC channel and as long as your language matched, it really did not matter where you were from.You […]

Pain Points

Habits, objectives and life-changing and fulfilling dreams are often blocked by Pain Points. It can border silliness, but they often make up a major block that we are very reluctant to face.In sales, knowing, exploiting and resolving your lead’s pain points is extremely important and as weird as it can be, a salesman can know […]

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