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Llansanffraid Glan Conwy, Wales, United Kingdom
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Why collaborative partnerships are the way to grow your agency

How do you go about growing your agency? Do you rely on repeat business and recommendations? Or do you only pitch for work within the scope of your current service offering? This post is about how you can grow your business in a different way, through partnering with other agencies and freelancers that offer complementary […]

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Didn’t get that promotion? Good

Following on from yesterday’s post “if you want to be tougher, be tougher”, this is another post about the philosophy of Jocko Willink, the former US Navy Seal. I am fascinated by anyone who reaches the top in their game and this includes sportsmen and women, business people and military people like Navy Seals and […]

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Why WordPress coding standards are everything

We were recently asked by someone why we relatively expensive and charged more than someone else doing a similar thing. This is a question that has come up a few times and we always answer with one word, standards. High standards are what separate the developers from the outstanding developers. High standards are what ensures your […]

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