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Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Green Bay, WI, USA

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Company News – November

Building and nurturing long-term business relationships is the cornerstone of sustained success in any industry. Whether it’s with clients, partners, peers, or fans, the value of these connections cannot be overstated. These relationships foster trust, loyalty, and a sense of community that forms the bedrock of a thriving WordPress ecosystem. Staying connected ensures that these Read More Company News – November

Powering Up WordPress Through Five for the Future

Nothing powers up WordPress like the community that supports it. That’s why every month, the team at WebDevStudios participates in Five for the Future, an initiative that encourages all WordPress companies to donate 5% of their company time to the WordPress Core and community. Every last Friday of every month is a jubilant celebration of Read More Powering Up WordPress Through Five for the Future

Exploring the Sitecore to WordPress Migration Journey

Sitecore is a commercial content management system (CMS) that requires licensing fees for use, add-ons, and support. Despite the mounting fees, many enterprise-level companies rely on the CMS for their websites. Soon, those same clients must decide between staying with Sitecore as it transitions to a cloud architecture or migrating to another platform. Let’s explore Read More Exploring the Sitecore to WordPress Migration Journey