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Raleigh, NC, USA
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Kurt's local community (50 miles):

Will Earnhardt

Cary, NC, USA

8.1 miles away

Adam Silver

North Carolina, United States

8.1 miles away

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Using Termius for SSH and SFTP Sessions

I describe Termius as an app that allows users to manage SSH and SFTP sessions on multiple devices with the ease of some popular password managers. You can quickly add and organize server credentials and connect in seconds to one or more servers, even all of them if needed. I can honestly say it put […]

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Troubleshooting 503 Errors on WordPress Websites

A 503 error on a WordPress website indicates that the server is temporarily unavailable or overloaded. This can be caused by a variety of issues, including server maintenance, traffic spikes, plugin or theme conflicts, and other server-related problems. Here are some basic steps to troubleshoot a 503 WordPress website error: Step 1: Check other websites […]

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Migrate a WordPress Website using SSH

Migrating a WordPress website from one host to another using only SSH access can be done in several steps: Step 1: Create a backup of your website Before you start migrating your website, it is important to create a backup of your current website files and database. To create a backup, you can use the […]

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