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Williamswood, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Domains, Websites — and Mobile Homes

I commonly work with clients who are unaware of how the internet and World Wide Web function, despite using it every day. Similarly, most of us turn a key in our cars at least once a day and do not know what goes on there either! Because I’m often repeatedly explaining things about domains and … Read more

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The Humble Contact Form: What It Is, Why You Should Have One, and How It Can Be so Much More

Most every modern website has at least one built-in form that visitors can complete and submit and I highly recommend these for several reasons. If nothing else, having an online form provides an obvious vehicle for visitors to use for enquiries and starting communication with your firm or organization. I’ll use the terms “form” and … Read more

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What Exactly is a High-Performance Website?

I use the term “high-performance” several times on my website and may often use this phrase when talking to clients. We all know what a high-performance car is like or a high-performance athlete. But what does this term mean when applied to your company or organization’s online presence through its website? Back in 1995, websites … Read more

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