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Chesapeake, VA, USA
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Virginia, United States

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Virginia Beach, VA, USA

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Should You Use Church Center as Your Main Church Website?

Can we use Church Center as our church website and redirect our domain to our Church Center page? This is the number one question we get when we talk with clients about their websites and Planning Center Online integration.  In an age where digital platforms play an increasingly significant role in how organizations engage with […]

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Injecting a Footer In Divi Without a Plugin

Hey there Divi fam! Quick video and tutorial here on how to inject a footer into every page of your Divi website without the use of a footer. At the outset I’m assuming you have a child theme and know what you are doing with them. First you’ll want to add the following code to […]

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Transactional Email with Mailgun for WordPress

One question I see come up frequently as I troll Facebook Groups and forums is “why are my emails not delivered from my website?” Fair question and there could be dozens of reasons why. But let me introduce you to the system I use that has eliminated this headache for us at Grace at Work, […]

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