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How to Add a Sub Account Tab to the Account page for Memberpress

This is a customization for the Memberpress Corporate Addon, and helps with subscribers usability. I’ve found that users had a hard time understanding how to setup sub accounts because they couldn’t easily find it in their accounts page. This function creates a new tab on the Account page called “Sub Accounts” so the subscribers can easily find and access where to create their sub accounts. The code below accounts for both recurring and non recurring subscriptions. Paste the function below […]

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How To Add A ‘Write Your Review’ Link to WooCommerce Product Pages

Append the link to the reviews line In your theme folder, be sure to have a js file you can add code to and enqueued properly. $(‘.woocommerce-product-rating .woocommerce-review-link’).after(‘ | <a class=”write-your-review” href=”#tab-reviews”>Write Your Review</a>’);   Close the active tab, open the reviews tab, and scroll to the location Now that we have the link where we want it, we need to scroll to the section we want. But, WooCommerce already has a different tab open by default, or the user […]

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How To Create A Product Reviews Shortcode Query

This particular shortcode will only work on the single product view. Modification would be needed to make it work elsewhere within the website. In case you’re wondering how this would even be useful on product pages, take a look at my article on how beaver builder was added to product pages.   The Shortcode To do this we set the $product as global in order to grab the id of that product so we can use it in the query […]

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