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Belle Fourche, SD, USA
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6 Considerations for Owning Your Business’ Digital Assets

Deb here, I’ve been helping small businesses with their online presence since 2006. One of the most frequent observations I’ve had over the years centers around folks understanding what it means to “own” your business’ digital assets. Few really understand what it means to own it. Now, as we see folks threatening to move off […]

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Which E-Commerce Platform is Best?

When considering building an e-commerce site, there are many to choose from.  Many small businesses owners gravitate towards the do-it-yourself type platforms like Shopify, Wix and SquareSpace.  However, is it the right solution long-term for your business needs?  What costs are not obvious?  To answer some of these questions, we have compiled a list for […]

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Do you really “own” your business website?

In my line of work I often encounter folks who do not actually “own” their business website collateral and it’s often an unpleasant surprise when they do find this out. So, what does it mean to truly “own” your business website?  To answer this, you must first understand what all the pieces are.  They are: […]

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