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First Food Frenzy of 2020 – Old Bay Hot Sauce

Was Old Bay Hot Sauce really “sold out”? Or did they “sell out” to create the buzz around their newest creation? Hot on the heels of the Great Chicken Sandwich Shortage of 2019, Old Bay announces a new limited edition Old Bay Hot Sauce and promptly sells out on Day One… in 30 minutes. Actually,…

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New Tabasco Flavor is Rocoto

From the Andes to the Middle East to Avery Island, Louisiana comes new TABASCO® Rocoto Pepper Sauce. Flavors from the Andes, the Middle East and Louisiana combine to produce the new TABASCO® Rocoto Pepper Sauce. This vibrant sauce is inspired by Baharat, a traditional Middle Eastern spice blend featuring cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper and nutmeg. By…

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Huy Fong Gets Day in Court

A Rooster takes a Farmer to court. Who will win? Huy Fong Foods is finally getting it’s day in court. The maker of the iconic Sriracha Sauce with the rooster on the label, and bright green cap, is suing it’s long time pepper grower Underwood Ranches for $1.46 million. Underwood Ranches is counter-suing Huy Fong…

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