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What questions should I ask event organizers?

  • Do you have an address to which we can send our table materials, swag items, etc. to? 
  • Will we have a location to store extra boxes during the event?
  • Can you assist with getting our booth/table display box(es) shipped back if needed? We will provide the shipping label and schedule a pickup.
  • Do you have any recommendations for a local printer?
  • Is there a specific code we should use when registering for tickets? 
  • Do you have a detailed schedule for the event? It would be great to know the timing for the following: booth setup & teardown, contributor day, speaker/sponsor dinner, etc.
  • Will there be any sort of raffle or giveaway at the end of the camp that we should be aware of?
  • Can you tell us a little more about your attendee profile? What level of familiarity with WordPress do attendees at this camp typically have?