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📰 Newsletter

The WP World Newsletter (clever name, right?) is a weekly publication that’s delivered to inboxes each Wednesday. When you sign up for an account (or claim your account if you added yourself before November 2023), you’re automatically added to the newsletter list.

Don’t want another newsletter in your inbox? That’s totally understandable! You can one-click unsubscribe from the first one you receive. OR, you can unsubscribe from your account settings area.

What’s in this newsletter?

The newsletter contents will evolve over time, but here are some things you can be sure to count on:

  • A short message from the site owner, Marcus Burnette. I want the newsletter to be personal, so I’ll share what’s on my mind – in the context of the site – that week.
  • A section dedicated to any new features/functionality that’s been added that week.
  • A list of upcoming WordPress events in the next few weeks. Gathering in-person is a huge part of what this site is about, so I want to encourage you to attend an event!
  • A list of who’s looking for work in some way – whether that’s freelance, part-time, or full-time work. This community has some incredible talent, if you know where to look.

Hopefully, the newsletter will grow to include a sponsor or two so that even more can be done to add value for you.