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➡️ Start Here

Diving into The WP World is like joining a friendly neighborhood of WordPress enthusiasts. It’s super easy: pop in, create your profile, and explore. You can list your business, check out events, or just browse around to see what’s happening. Think of it as your go-to spot for all things WordPress community!

Browse without an account

While there are some perks that come with creating an account (see below), the information on the site can absolutely be browsed without an account. There are no “members-only” sections in the site or hidden information. What you can see when logged in is the same as what you see logged out.

The difference is in what you can add to the site.

Why create an account?

Creating an account allows from some additional benefits when interacting with the site and fellow Pressers. For one, you have the ability for someone to find you! Whether someone is in your hometown or they simply want to connect via social media, having an account allows folks to find you and start a relationship.

Secondly, you get a Presser profile – a WordPress resume of sorts. With your badges, community activity, plugins/themes you’ve developed, and events you’ve attended/spoken at/organized, you have a one-stop place to show your involvement with WordPress and the community.

In addition, you’ll get the weekly newsletter, sharing what’s new in the site, what WordPress events are coming up in your area, and who’s looking for work. (Don’t want the newsletter? That’s okay, you can always opt-out, too.)

Lastly, an account allows you to add ratings for events and feature requests for the site. These help the site grow and provide even more beneficial information for others coming to the site.

Ready to get started? Create your account here

⭐ Claim your Presser profile

If you added yourself to the site before November 1, 2023, you’ll need to claim your profile instead of signing up again. To do this, find your Presser profile in the site and click the “Claim your profile” button near your name. This will scroll you down the page to a form where you can add your email address to claim your profile. These are connected manually and you’ll be emailed once your account is ready.

Don’t see a “Claim your profile” button or form? You’re already good to go! You may just need to reset your password.