🇪🇸 WordCamp Pontevedra 2022

Facultade de Comunicación de Pontevedra, Paseo Xunqueira, Pontevedra, Spain

September 23, 2022 — September 25, 2022

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WordCamp Pontevedra is going to be the third physical WordCamp in Galicia, a well-known region in the northwest of Spain thanks to its incredible landscapes and its fantastic cuisine, very linked to the sea. After the great success of last events, with more than 250 people attending and enjoying, we couldn’t miss the chance to repeat it after the pandemic! Bigger, more interesting and funnier! It’s a great chance to finally meet again after a WordCamp Online and so many meetups!

Galicia is also a place where entrepreneurs, developers, content creators, SEO specialists, bloggers, e-commerce owners and all kind of people use WordPress and love to gather to share their knowledge, meet new friends and have fun together.

This is why we’re organizing this event: on Saturday 24th we’ll have two tracks of conferences with talks from beginner to advanced level, and on Sunday 25th we’ll have a contributor day. But that’s not all, we’ll start with cool activities on Friday: have you heard about the do_action hackaton?

Don’t miss it!