๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ช WordCamp Mombasa 2019

Swahilipot Hub, Mombasa, Kenya

December 7, 2019 โ€” December 8, 2019

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As reported by WordCamp Central


Join us in the beautiful coastal city of Kenya on 7th & 8th December 2019 for the 2nd annual WordCamp Mombasa. Weโ€™ll be bringing together experts from all across the country (as well as the world) to talk about all things WordPress.

You will meet hundreds of other WordPress enthusiasts, bloggers, podcasters, developers and designers, and programming on the WordPress platform for two (2) fun-filled days of workshops and keynotes, all while overlooking the beautiful view of the Indian ocean.

Hold on! What is WordCamp?

WordPress is the number-one CMS solution in the world. It is popular for the open-source nature and highly active community. WordCamps are places where you get to know everything WordPress.

It is a day-long informal conference, which is totally community-organized and put together just for the WordPress users and lovers just like you. If you are a casual user or developer, then you will be able to participate with the core developers of WordPress, sharing ideas, connect with many people who are willing to learn and share their knowledge.

So, this year we are organizing WordCamp here in Mombasa for the second time and it is a great pleasure for all of us. We are very excited and hoping to do everything WordPress here at WordCamp Mombasa 2019 with a total blast so that you can learn, connect and contribute and make WordPress a better tool for everyone.