🇺🇸 WordCamp Los Angeles 2020

Los Angeles, California, USA
October 17-18, 2020

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Join the Los Angeles WordPress community for a virtual WordCamp October 17 & 18 and learn the tricks of the trade! We’re not just web developers—Los Angeles is home to a diverse group of creative professionals and small business owners who rely on WordPress. 

WordPress makes it easy for all trades to be online, but creating your site is only the first step. WordCamp LAX 2020 is all about keeping the lights on at your website and nurturing your online audience. Look forward to practical, easy-to-follow talks bringing you the best insights and tools from the unique WordPress ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned digital builder or just getting started online, WordCamp LAX 2020 will show you some new tricks. 

Register for a free ticket today to be featured on our Attendees page! Speakers and Volunteers are invited to our online game night. Sponsors will be featured on our unique Live Show leading up toand duringthe conference. And Volunteers, Speakers and Sponsors alike will all be invited to a casual, intimate rehearsal.