Add Ko-fi Donation Support to Your Presser Page

Exciting news, Pressers! You can now add Ko-fi donation support to your Presser profiles on The WP World. This new feature lets you offer a way for others to support you financially, making it easier than ever to connect with your community and receive appreciation for your work. How to Set Up Ko-fi Donations This […]

From Directory to (Lightweight) CRM

Update (4/12): If you would like to disallow folks from leaving notes on your profile for themselves, you can do so in your profile settings. More info at the bottom of this article. Today, I’m excited to share with you a fresh feature that just rolled out on The WP World – Presser Notes! Imagine […]

The First Tool of The WP World Toolbox: AI-Generated Alt Text

It’s time for something new. I’m super excited to share with you the latest addition to The WP World – a tool that’s part of the brand new (upcoming) The WP World Toolbox. It’s a tool for AI-powered alt text for images, making your content more accessible and enhancing the user experience on your site. […]

Do You Know What the (Local) Time Is?

Today, I’m excited to share a delightful new feature that’s rolling out on The WP World: Local Time on Presser Profiles. It’s a simple yet significant addition that I believe will make it easier to connect, collaborate, and communicate across different time zones. Why Local Time Matters The WP World is a global community, with […]

New Privacy Features: Customize Your Site and Event Visibility

In an ongoing effort to make The WP World a more personalized and comfortable space for all Pressers, I’m thrilled to share some updates that give you more control over your profile visibility. I understand the importance of privacy and the desire to tailor what the world sees about you. That’s why I’ve introduced two […]

Community-Driven WordPress Hosting Recommendations

At The WP World, I’m thrilled to unveil a new initiative: a WordPress recommended hosting page, crafted with transparency and community input at its core. This project springs from a desire to offer an alternative to the official hosting page, which has lacked clear and open criteria for its listings and rankings. The new […]

Location-less Pressers

On a recent podcast interview, I was asked if there was a way for people to add themselves to the site without a location. Before answering, I wanted to know a little bit more about why someone would want to do that. What I learned was important — and has spurred a new feature in […]

Call for Speakers, Organizers, and Volunteers

Hopefully that title doesn’t come back to haunt me if I ever do a The WP World conference or something. Nevertheless, the point is that you can now tag your self as a speaker, organizer, or volunteer for an event and it’ll show up on your Presser profile! Let’s see how it works… Adding your […]

How is The WP World different from the WordPress Events page?

Good question! The WordPress Events page was officially launched on Dec 13, 2023 (yes, on Taylor Swift’s 34th birthday). While it looks like a response to the event archive on The WP World — which launched in Summer 2023 — it really serves a quite different purpose. Future vs Past Events At The WP World, […]

Connecting Communities

In the ever-changing landscape of the WordPress ecosystem, a sense of community has always been a fundamental pillar, driving collaboration, innovation, and support among its members. The WP World is thrilled to announce an exciting new feature designed to further unite WordPress enthusiasts across various sub-communities. This feature allows Pressers to proudly showcase their affiliations […]